Too Much Fun at Work


upcycled wool glove creature drinking tea

At work – I’m currently teaching – my students have been making softees with a Scottish theme.  We have been using donated/salvaged and scrap bits of the most gorgeous wool/tweed/tartan mohair fabrics and knitwear/socks from local mills. I can’t post pics of their work so here’s one I made while they were all getting on fabulously by themselves – I have them very well trained.  If I can get the all clear from on high I will try and share some of their creatures with you later.

Anyway, my softee is made from a stuffed glove – not just any old glove mind you, a most beautiful example of Hawick knitwear.  I was dropping big hints to the young people that the lovely lonely glove would make a nice creature but I don’t think they believed me – they are still a bit sceptical of my madder ideas.

So, last week, I couldn’t resist any longer and took up the glove challenge (picked up the gauntlet!) and created this creature (not sure what to call him yet) – why should the young people have all the fun?  Plus it’s more amiable if I sit amongst them and join in rather than lord about over them.

Today, I thought I’d teach them a bit about staging their creatures for photo shoots.   The sun was out and yesterday’s snow had melted and even though it was a very cold day we were planning on going to Old Gala House to take photos in the gardens.  We made some cardboard props to help set scenes.  I made the tea cup and teapot for mine as his mouth looked like he was sucking.  It turned out to be too windy for our props so I took this snap when we got back to “work.”  The upshot is, they still think I’m mad but we did have a lot of fun – especially me.


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