Hi, I’m Jakki, and I am a compulsive designer/maker/creator.  I have four kids and we live in a very old stone house in a village in the Scottish Borders.  We have been renovating our house and garden for the past 7-years and we’re not finished yet.  We have done most of the work ourselves with eco-friendly building materials such as hemp, lime plaster, sheep’s wool insulation, clay paint etc. When I’m not building, plastering, or woodworking; or, looking after my family, I love to knit and sew and teach.  I also love to travel and get the most pleasure from travelling locally and taking beautiful photos of the things around me.  This blog is where I share my creations and travel “snaps”

DIY Lime Plaster

In theory I make and sell lovely one-off “textile” goodies from upcycled fabrics and yarns – I especially love to work with Scottish wool sweaters, wool yarns, Border tweeds and denim. Basically, I buy my materials in charity shops and then revel in the challenge of making something beautiful from other folks’ “unwanted” stuff.  My website is www.ecozee.co.uk

However, since my Mum died in January 2012, I am having a bit of a break from trying to “sell” my work – which is hard work to be honest – and focusing on sewing and knitting just for ME.  Some of my work is helping to keep my Mum and I directly connected – like making memory quilts for my kids from my Mum’s jeans; and, crocheting – something she enjoyed.  I am doing a bit of selling here and there and am always happy to make custom items if you see anything you’d like.

I also teach so I can pass on my skills to help others seek the satisfaction of making something with their very own hands. Hopefully, then my “students” can share and inspire their families and friends to make and create.  This year (2013) I hope to start sharing more of my original patterns – when I find the time to write them up – but meanwhile, hopefully, my blog will inspire you to make stuff.

My Motto: Making stuff makes you happy and helping and

inspiring others to make stuff makes you even happier.

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  1. Hi Jakki. Love the charity beanie pattern . I am making them continually for the kids oncology ward at the local hospital. Thanks. It is so much easier and faster than any other pattern I have used.

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