Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside – A Day in Eyemouth


orange life ring belt eyemouth harbour

My workmate was planning a photo gathering trip to Eyemouth today.  The weather forecast was good (no rain and probably no snow – mostly clear skies) so I decided to tag along.  We left my house at 9 a.m. with fully charged cameras and a flask for tea.  I took a selection of things to amuse myself in case the weather wasn’t great for photography – walking boots, my crochet stuff, music and a notepad/pencil.   As it turned out, the sky was so blue it was perfect for photography – the biting wind did made it agony to expose the fingers for long though.

OK, to recap, the plan for the day was:
  • A beautiful 45 minute drive on empty country roads through stunning scenery.
  • A few hours larking about taking photos of a small, historic East Coast fishing town, beach and harbour under big blue winter skies.
  • Retail therapy of the best sort – a visit to Eyemouth’s one and only charity shop.
  • Chips for lunch with brown sauce and a buttered Scottish breakfast roll.
  • Tea from a flask in the car overlooking the harbour and sheltering from the biting wind/below zero temperatures.

Here’s the view between here and Eyemouth with the Cheviot Hills in the distance (these hills run along the border between England and Scotland).

view of cheviot hills scottish borders

Here’s some of the photographs I took – we had a lovely day – and we both felt as if we’d had a wee holiday.  Rain tomorrow apparently.  To be at the coast in Britain while the sun is actually shining is a truly wonderful thing.  We Brits don’t need much to make us happy – and it’s just as well really!

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