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DIY Holly Wreath – Recycled Coat hanger


holly wreathThings are getting very festive here.  Yesterday, after my 8K run (smug), I was up at the church to help decorate for Christmas. Everyone brings greenery from their gardens and dumps it in a huge pile in the church foyer.  I help every year, it’s a great opportunity to share and catch up with the people.  We had home made rock cakes, tea and a plenty of time to chat.  I made a giant wreath for the pulpit (didn’t take my camera or even phone – sorry).

There was lots of variegated holly left over so I brought some home to re-style my coat hanger autumn wreath.  I pulled all the leaves off my coat hanger and proceeded to wire my holly on.  It was a right fiddle and my hands got stabbed to bits!  It’s really a bit too early for decorating (in my book) but the opportunity arose.  That’s another job off my list then. Tonight the Christmas lights go on in the village so it’s all systems go.

Jakki-O-Lanterns – Halloween @#2


black painted pumpkin with lino cut tree

My pumpkin – Painted Black and “carved” with a lino cutting tool.

I am posting my Halloween entry early ‘cos on Wednesday I will be in Dundee for the day visiting Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art with my daughter – a hopeful prospective student! Also, it’ll be Wall Wednesday and two posts in one day might be pushing it!  Anyway, here’s three of our family’s display completed so far – Daddy Bears’, Mummy Bears’ and Baby Bears’ Pumpkins.

Daddy Bear carved Baby Bear’s pumpkin for him but kept to the wee Laddy’s drawing brilliantly – reminds me when i used to draw pictures of stripey sweaters and my doting granny would knit them for me!  The big kids are carving theirs tonight – last year, “prospective art student” made a puking pumpkin, this year the word “massacre” has been mentioned and several pumpkins have been requested – so we’ll see what transpires.

many eyed monster non traditional jack-o-lantern

pumpkin design drawing plans

jack-o-lantern pumpkin "carved" with a makita drill

Daddy Bear used a Swiss Army knife and a Makita drill for his – manly tools!

Diamond Birthday Girl


Union Jack Card with dates 1952-2012The leader of our walking group – Mary – is 60 tomorrow; so, instead of the usual amble we’re having a picnic party – it had better not rain.  Mary’s as young as our Queen has been on the throne, so I hand printed a Jubilee-inspired Birthday card for her.  I usually make plain union Jack cards but, for Mary (and Betty) I added the important dates with my vintage rubber stamps – my set has a few stamps missing so luckily I had all the numbers I needed!  I’m rather pleased with it – suitability vintage looking.