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Let the Good Times Roll – Chocolate Custard Swiss Roll


chocolate swiss roll with custard

I’ve started thinking about our Christmas food – I admit it.  I like to be organised and want to feel positive and excited about Christmas.  Every year, we always have pretty much exactly the same food – very traditional and delicious.  My Mum was a great one for tradition.  This year, however, I can’t face making/eating a Christmas Cake and a Christmas Pudding that I know my Mum and my My Brother (who is abroad) won’t be able to share.  They were/are the biggest fans of the “dried fruits held together with a teaspoon of flour” delicacies.  So I’ve been thinking about “still traditional” alternatives – that my kids might even like.

I have decided to make Stollen instead of a Christmas Cake as I just adore it and the kids like it too.  The desert for the main event is proving more problematic.

I suggested a lemon cheesecake or something similar but the kids said it wasn’t Christmasssy enough – even though they hate Christmas pudding. They reckoned something chocolatey would be good (but I’m not a huge chocolate fan).  A friend suggested a trifle.  My Mum made the best trifle and I did make one last year for my brother – so that was the best idea so far.   On the Great British Bake Off this year they made a kind off upside down trifle called a Charlotte Royale.  When we watched the episode, my kids thought it looked good and that we should make one – so I thought I had my solution – some sort of upside down trifle.

Bake off charlotte royal

I googled “upside down trifle” and found this –  a chocolate upside down trifle with black cherries.

chocolate upside down trifle

Number one son – the Apprentice – loves black cherries and all the kids love chocolate Swiss roll.  I tried making a Swiss roll when I was a kid and I over-baked it and it turned out like a giant cookie.   Today is Ballet Girl’s 15th Birthday and she had requested I make her profiteroles for her “cake.”   This morning I dutifully made her profiteroles using this recipe and then thought I’d make a practice Swiss roll while I was in the baking mood – the more Birthday cakes the merrier!  I had chocolate sauce left over from the profiteroles too.

chocolate swiss roll with custard

As you can see my practice came out well.  My Swiss roll tin was a bit small so my cake was a bit thick – but hey it’s art not science.   I didn’t have any cream left after I filled the profiteroles so I improvised with half a carton of left over custard.  I painted the ganache sauce on with my silicon pastry brush.  The decorations are left-over butterscotch chips from the Father’s Day Oreo Tart I made back in June.  So, Ballet Girl came home from school to two cakes – a pile of profiteroles and a giant Swiss roll!  Mechanic man just came in from the cold and is pretty pleased too – time to order the Chinese take-away Ballet Girl requested for her Birthday tea.  Not sure how we’ll manage to do the deserts justice but we’ll try.

Father’s Day Oreo Tart



The “Daddy” in our house is American and a big fan of Oreos (I can’t understand why myself) but the kids love ’em too.  My daughter found this recipe floating around on Tumblr a while back – No-Bake Oreo Tart – and she thought it would be nice to make for her Dad – this was after I warned the kids they had better make a special effort for Father’s Day since they all forgot his recent Birthday (despite my reminders).  We had the tarts for desert tonight as we won’t all be home of Sunday. They were really delicious; and, as I said, I don’t even like Oreos and can take or leave chocolate – they were very rich but very easy to make – A big hit with the big man!

So, this is not my recipe – I just tested it! The original recipe is here.  In our tarts, we used butterscotch chips (from the baking section in ASDA) instead of chocolate chips to give it a Scottish touch and as bit of extra colour/crunch.  I have translated the quantities into UK /metric measures for non American bakers – the method is the same as the original.


  • 2 x 150g  packets Oreos
  • 120g butter (melted)

Ganache Filling:

  • 1 x 300ml tub double cream
  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 60g butter


  • 5 extra Oreos (cut up) or mini Oreos
  • A few butterscotch chips (or anything else you like).