Simple Pleasures



Today is my 24th Wedding Anniversary, Mechanic Man and I were supposed to be arriving back in Newcastle this morning after a two-night, one day mini-cruise to Haarlem, Holland.  We elected not to go though, as we would have been caught up in the hurricane force winds which battered the South of England, Northern France and Holland in the early hours of Monday.

We were able to reschedule our trip but not for a convenient date.  So, although today didn’t start as planned, it turned out well.  What made it a good day however, was not the fact that it was our anniversary, but the fact that my neighbours and I were able to be neighbourly.

One neighbour has a friend from Italy staying.  He was in her garden this morning doing some pruning so I chatted to him while I hung my washing out.  He said he was making himself useful while his host was working.  I told him I was going to paint my gutter later and he could really help me by holding the ladder for me if he had any more spare moments.  He was delighted to be asked and happy to help.  He wanted to do the painting for me but I had to make a firm stand for women power.

Then, when I was walking my son home from school, another neighbour, who has recently moved to our end of the village, came out of her gate crying. They had just found their missing cat dead on the side of the road.  She was very upset, so I gave her an ear and hugs.

Another pal dropped by later to give me some apples and potatoes from her garden and I gave her some of my pears.  She also gave me a book to read and pass on – it looks good – it’s called WILD by Cheryl Strayed.  Then finally, another neighbour phoned me and asked me if I had any green and brown yarn for a knitting project she is doing to raise funds for the village community trust.  I had a rummage through my stash and will drop my donation of yarn to her house tomorrow.

Then, Mechanic Man came home from work wearing the new hat I crocheted him for Winter 2014 so that made me feel good.  His hat is the one on the right in the photo above – my coordinating hat is on the left.  I will do another post on the his ‘n’ hers hats asap.

Mechanic Man brought me a Toblerone chocolate bar (my favourite) and two of those cute mini bottles of red wine.  I love the mini bottles because they’re just perfect when you fancy a wee drink with your dinner and haven’t the willpower to stop yourself drinking more than you actually want.  He knows I’ll go mad if he buys anything more expensive or frivolous.

Oh, and the sun shone. In fact, it was probably the first nice Autumn day we’ve had this year, it was cold and windy but that meant my sheets dried on the line.  Line dried sheets are in my top 10 all-time favourite things and it’s a bit of a luxury at this time of the year in Scotland.  So, a day filled with simple pleasures and nice neighbours – well, the cat incident was not so good but at least I was able to provide a shoulder to cry on.


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I design and make, inspire and encourage. I upcycle the most gorgeous of pre-loved materials - I love Scottish lambswool, tweed, denim, corduroy, wood and paint; and, tea and cake.

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