Photo Competition Time Again


Tomorrow is our village’s annual flower show.  I usually enter some baking and sewing/knitting but this year I decided to not get involved as I spend way too much time on it and frankly, the judges are a bit old school and there is no room whatsoever for any fun/creativity.    Every year the same old boring categories like “a jar of strawberry jam” – don’t get me started.

They have a photography section though and I have won “the cup” three times now. My entries from last year are here and the winner is here.

This year I wasn’t even going to enter any photos but last night I had second thoughts and started desperately raking through my photos on the computer to find ones which match the titles.  I found I couldn’t let go of my trophy without at least putting up some sort of fight! There are two categories and you can enter six 5×7 photos in total – split however you like between the two categories.

The categories this year are “Spring” and “On the Wild Side”. Overall the categories are slightly more interesting than normal and we have been saved from “local view” again so that’s good; but, given that the categories were announced in early summer, the opportunity to take spring photos was already passed!  My husband said I should take photos of springs (the curly metal kind) – a good idea but, since I wasn’t going to enter this year, until last night, I didn’t take any photos specifically.  Anyway, here’s my best attempt at finding last minute entries:  Mohawk girl is my daughter – the same cutie in the beach photo a few short years ago.

For “Spring”:

black hill, earlston

soft boiled egg

For “On the Wild Side”:


west coast scotland beach

mohawk girl



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