Hooray – My Patchwork Quilt is Finished!


Sorry, I’ve been off the blogging radar for a few weeks.  My excuse is that this is my 100th post and I wanted it to be a milestone! I wanted to show y’all my finished quilt. It’s an English paper-pieced “tumbling blocks” quilt made from fabrics we’ve had in our house since I was a kid.  It’s taken 24 years!

tumbling blocks patchwork quilt

Early readers were introduced to my quilt in my Time to Finish the Quilt post.  I finished hand sewing the patchwork pieces together over 20 years ago but couldn’t get past the quilting hurdle.  I tried (several times) – I failed – it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t even tolerable – I finally admitted defeat.

tumbling blocks patchwork quilt

When my Mum was alive she was always offering to pay to have my quilt professionally quilted but I couldn’t bear to post it off somewhere – just in case.  Also, a part of me wanted to do it all myself.  However, when I was making my memory quilts (from my Mum’s jeans) I found a local long-arm quilter – a Scottish champion no less.  Kay – aka Borderline Quilter – made such an amazing job of those quilts I wanted her to quilt my matrimonial quilt too.  Unfortunately, I had to undo all my sub-standard hand quilting so she could start afresh and work her magic.


The back of the quilt is a Laura Ashley sheet which I bought over 20 years ago so it’s now officially vintage.  I dropped my quilt off at her house at the beginning of the summer and got it back a few weeks ago.  I still had to hand sew the binding all the way round and started that tedious but satisfying job yesterday.  Today, I finished the job –  the matrimonial quilt is finally finished.  I wish I could show my Mum but I can share it with my gorgeous husband and hopefully keep it in the family for generations.

tumbling blocks patchwork quilt


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