The Best Hike Ever – The Pentland Hills, Edinburgh


pentlands hills hike edinburgh

Scotland really is the most beautiful country – possibly the most beautiful in the world – BUT – we get pretty terrible weather – still, you can’t win ’em all! This week it has been mostly sunny for over a week – it’s been years since this happened.  When the Scottish sun does shine; and, you find yourself somewhere stunning, life doesn’t get any better.  Yesterday was one of those very rare days – the days we Scots live for – luckily on such days our celtic defence mechanism kicks in and we forget all the other millions of cold, wet, windy and miserable days we normally endure with a stiff upper lip wrapped in a woollen scarf.

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

Anyway, on with the story, our wee man was going on a Beaver Scout camp in Edinburgh so Hubby and I thought we’d make the most of the opportunity and spend a night away (we left the 3 teenagers at home).  Yes, the house is fine, they mostly sleep and gawp at screens.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Scottish geography, Edinburgh lies between the sea to the North (The Firth of the Forth) and several stunning ranges of hills to the South.  The closest of these hills, the Pentland’s are Edinburgh’s back garden.

Our plan was to hike in the Pentland’s, camp and picnic in our friend’s “posh shed” nearer home here in the Borders and then hike on Lauder Common today.  Everything went to plan, we walked approx 8 miles each day and had lots of lovely picnic nosh – may I recommend brie and oatcakes, blueberries and orange juice with your best pal on top of a sunny Scottish mountain?  Here’s the snaps – I managed to mislay my camera so these are phone snaps (iphone 3).

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

fishing boat pentlands hills hike edinburgh

pentlands hills hike edinburgh

And finally, our wee hoose for the night – in our friend’s back garden!

posh shed


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  1. Hi Jakki

    You cannot get more beautiful than this, lucky you, I am sure you had a fab time! Cambridge was in cloud and chilly!

    • There are other beautiful countries but the best thing about scotland is it’s so small and, apart from the big towns, sparsely populated and we have access to all of it (freedom to roam) and usually there’s practically no-one else about; also, the scene changes at every turn.

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