Sunset Birthday Cushion


 crochet spots polka dot cushionIn Australia, I finished knitting the back for my sunset crochet cushion.  I wanted it to be finished to give to my Auntie (my Mum’s big sister) for her 80th Birthday last weekend.  We travelled down to the South of England especially to be with her.  She is an amazing women, still working – in an old folks home in the village she has lived in for 75 years, preparing lovely food for the residents, many of whom are younger than her!  We are a family of knitters, crocheters and sewers so I thought it would be fitting.  It was great to see my cousins and to meet the newest member of our family who was born this year on the first anniversary of my Mum’s death.  We stopped off in Cambridge en-route to the family so the lovely garden in the photos belongs to my best-est pal Mary.

cakeMy second-cousin in law made the beautiful cake which was delicious, and my cousin-in-law drew this lovely card.

 hand drawn 80th birthday card

Everyone liked the cushion, I am really pleased with it, I think it looks quite modern and not too granny – even for a great granny!

granny circle cushion

garter stitch striped cushion coverBack: sunny knitted stripes.

I just sewed the front and back together so if it ever needs washing it will need unpicking a bit!


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  1. I think your auntie sounds amazing. I am glad you were able to spend some precious time with her. I bet she was thrilled. And I bet she loved her cushion.

  2. Hi Jakki

    So glad that you had enjoyed Aunty Joan’s Birthday and meeting up with everybody. The cushion was beautiful so I knew she would like it. It was so good to see you all last weekend and to hear about your adventures in Australia, the Anzacs were delicious.

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