Australia – Part One – Adelaide


crochet glenelg beach south australiaTechnical normality is restored.  So, my trip….It was a two week trip, I spent four days in Adelaide; three days on a Groovy Grape “backpackers” tour of the Grampian Mountains and Great Ocean Road; two days in central Melbourne; and then five more days back in Adelaide.  Every day was wonderful, I met great people, had great weather (mostly around 20 degrees C with a breeze), great food, great scenery.  It’s long way to go but the journey was not arduous in any way – I watched films, read my book and had delicious food and wine delivered to me – luxury.  So my first four days in Adelaide….

First my hosts were wonderful in every way, I was met at the airport and their house is only 15 minutes drive from the airport and 15 minutes walk from the beach in the seaside suburb of Glenelg – you could go for a long weekend!  We had great fun and yes the crochet tuition was successful – hats, granny squares, flowers, bag! We mostly “worked” at night when the kids were in bed!

Day One – Glenelg to Henley Beach – I set off early to walk from the house to the beach – I wasn’t disappointed…I saw a dolphin surfing which apparently is quite rare on Glenelg Beach. I turned right and just kept walking…and back – apparently I walked around 10 miles in my bare feet!glenelg beach

scallop shells

happy feet

Day Two – Cleelands Wildlife Park –  My hosts took me into the Adelaide Hills to a wildlife park to see roos and koala!  Again, It was fabulous, all the animals were so exciting to see in real life and the flora, fauna and birds were too, so different from here.  We cuddled a koala (it felt like a sheep) and fed the kangaroo.  The Tasmanian devil was much smaller than I thought and the wombats were much bigger!  Also, I learned that all marsupial babies are called joeys!  We had a bar-b-q for dinner – the kangaroo was delicious!






fairy wren

wallaby with joey

wallaby with joey

old kangaroo old kangaroo

wallaby joey waving

wallaby joey waving!view from mount lofty adelaide hills

view from Mount Lofty with City and Ocean

Day Three – Bike Ride to Adelaide

Adelaide actually looks very like where we used to live in Southern California, wide straight roads and lots of trees.  It’s much flatter than Pasadena though and there are lots of well-marked bike trails and bike lanes and lots of cyclists.  So I borrowed a bike and cycled into the City of Adelaide.  The actual Central Business District is small and grid-like but is surrounded on all four sides by parkland.  I managed not to take many photos this day but I had a great time.  The cycle in was easy and fun and about 8 miles one-way maybe.  There is a wonderful central market in Adelaide which had great produce and posh delis/eateries.  I visited the art gallery, state museum and botanical gardens (all free) so a very cultural day.  I managed to find a yarn bombed bike rack to padlock my bike to!  I cycled back along a bike track which runs along the Torrens River all the way to the sea near Henley Beach.  Overall about 20 miles of cycling.

yarn bomb bike rack adelai

river torrens meets the sea sunset

Day Four – Glenelg Op Shops – My hostess, looked up local “op shops” for me and made me a list (op shop is Australian for a charity shop – it’s short for opportunity!)  Off I went with my map, my bike, water and a banana for sustenance, and the hope that I would find some opportune opportunites!  I did get a couple of T-shirts and shorts (reduced as summer is over in Australia).  Best of all though I got 10 balls of soft and squishy pure wool Made in Australia yarn for AU$ 0.50 a ball! Bargain.  The colours were a bit bright but perfect for making hats and squares for knit-a-square.  On the way home, I stopped off at the beach and made a start on my wee boys’ rainbow puffle I promised I’d make him while I was away (see photo at top of post).

beach bike


In the evening, by chance, the kids were away on a sleepover so we went into Adelaide to eat in the Chinese food part of the Central Market – great fun, it was a giant hall with loads of different food stalls around the outside and tables and chairs canteen-style in the middle. We each chose our own dish from one of many eateries.  The place was buzzing and the food was delicious.  The next morning at 6 am, I headed off on my mini-break… post.


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  1. This post definitely made me jealous. You took some amazing photos. I was missing your updates so I’m glad you’re back, but I’m happy you had such a great time! 🙂

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