Busy, Busy me – a tale of two pyjamas


Well, I haven’t had time to miss work.  It’s been a very busy week.  My friends keep asking if I’m all packed for Australia – I leave at the crack of dawn Sunday.  Well, I am nearly, but it took me about 15 minutes.  Throwing my old summer clothes into a suitcase was easy (it’s not worth buying new summer clothes for the one or two nice days we get a year).  I did have a lot of fun shopping for, and wrapping, the Scottish gifts for my host family though.

tartan and haggis gift wrap scottish gifts

I also collected my Australian cash from the bank – it’s very pretty and has very cool plastic transparent bits on the 50s and 100s.

australian dollars

50 australian dollars

100 australian dollars

Normally I am packing for 6 people for a multi-week, multi location, camping trip in the UK which takes a ridiculous amount of planning, packing and preparation.  We have had a lot of great family camping adventures so a “sunny” holiday by myself is an unprecedented treat.   However, this very week, our 20-year old VW camper van, decided she was getting too old for all that lark and and had a cardiac arrest.   I cried real tears – words cannot express how much we love that van – the kids just stared in disbelief – can’t daddy fix it?  he’s an ace mechanic but not, as yet, a miracle worker.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, as this post is supposed to be about my new pyjamas, we had to get a cheap 6-seater vehicle quick.  In a flurry of excitement, we went to a car auction in Edinburgh and bought the ugliest car in the universe – a FIAT multipla – don’t judge or laugh – I have four kids, a tight budget and we need lots of cash to pay for engine rebuilds and new rust-free van doors etc.  So we’re gonna try and rebuild her – and meanwhile we are thankful we have a vehicle we can fit in (it’s very nice on the inside!).

Ok, back to the pyjamas.

A month ago, I made some lovely pyjamas for my trip from some vintage Tana lawn fabric a friend of mine inherited and then gave to me.  I used some upcycled shirt fabric for the elastic-filled waistband and a little ric rac for a hangy hook.  They are gorgeous and so silky but unfortunately a tad tight – I fit into them but it was not a pretty sight.vintage tana lawn detail

This was an incentive for me to lose a few pounds and it seems to be working.  However, at this morning’s try-on, I decided they were still a bit tight to be comfy so I whipped up another pair with a little more “ease.”  I used a lovely cotton Ikea duvet cover that I bought in a charity shop for 99p when we were in Edinburgh buying the car!  A scrap of another vintage sheet formed the drawstring channel and they are finished off with a tartan shoelace for a drawstring.

blue check pyjamas with tartan shoelace drawstring

I found the box of brand new tartan shoelaces in a skip in Kelso some years back!  It’s amazing what people throw out and what you can find when you keep your eyes open. Oh, that reminds me, when we were in Edinburgh charity shopping, we saw some charity shop workers throw a record turntable into a recycling bin, after they had finished their cigarettes and gone back into the shop, we salvaged it.  We haven’t had time to try it yet but Mr. Mechanic can fix most things and Mohawk girl has been wanting a turntable.

Here are both pairs hanging out for my photo shoot.  It is such a cold, miserable, grey, damp day here today – will spring ever come?  Well, it will be autumn down under for me in a few days!  My hostess is so worried it won’t be gorgeous weather for me when I get there but hey, it’ll be nicer than here.  The two pairs don’t look great together but then I won’t be wearing them at the same time.  I’m in desperate need of new T-shirts so I’ll keep my eyes open for T-shirts to match when I’m in Australian charity shops – they probably have a better selection of T-shirts.  So, pretty chuffed with my PJ trews, and at a total cost of 99p.

hand made cotton pyjamas

Finally, I washed a small piece of seersucker from my Mum’s fabric stash; and, If I have enough time this evening and if there’s enough fabric, I’m gonna whip up a pair of shorts – in case the weather is gorgeous.  Seersucker is my all-time favourite fabric, my Mum used to make me seersucker duvet covers when I was little and I’m sure she was thinking of me when she bought this little piece to add to her stash.

blue floral seersucker fabric


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