Impromtu Easter Egg Cake


easter egg nests butter icing

I felt the need to make a cake this morning, so I whipped up an Easter cake.  Traditionally, a British Easter cake is a Simnel Cake – a rich fruit cake with marzipan on top and decorated with twelve marzipan balls to represent the twelve apostles.

I needed something quick and simple that I could make without going shopping so I just made my standard Victoria Sponge cake recipe (see Tractor Cake post).  I used two 8″ cake tins and then sandwiched the two halves together with chocolate icing (left over from the wee man’s Puffle birthday cake).  For the top I made some traditional butter icing.  I didn’t have much icing sugar so it’s quite a thin layer!

To make butter icing, weigh your icing sugar (I had 3 ounces) and then whisk in half the weight of soft butter.  I added a splash of yellow colouring and a splash of pure vanilla extract.  I made my nests by mixing some chocolate icing with crushed shredded wheat and pressing into small silicon cup cake cases.  You can just use melted chocolate.

I pinched a bag of Cadbury mini eggs from the Easter Bunny to put in the nests and dot about the cake and added a couple of bits of ribbon from my stash.  Given that I had no plans to make a cake today, I’m pleased with the result.

The crochet teaser in the top photo is some crochet bunting I’m making to take to Australia as a gift for the family I’ll be staying with – I finished that today too and will share more when I write up the pattern.

easter cake with chocolateeaster cake with chocolate nests cadbury mini eggs and ribbon


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