Mum’s Jeans Memory Quilts are Finished


four upcycled denim memory quilts

It’s a coincidence that my Memory quilts are ready to be blogged about today – Mother’s Day UK.  I finished sewing the binding round the edges on Friday night and yesterday I was out all day visiting a quilt exhibition in Cumbria as it happens; so, today was my first opportunity to photograph them.  I dodged the hail and nearly got my fingers frozen off but here they are.  I will try and get some more detailed photos it’s just that hail stopped play today.

denim jeans pocket quilt

I made these four quilts for my children from my Mum’s jeans.  They all called my Mum “Gabby” instead of granny and each one has been dedicated to them in memory of her from me. I had only nine pairs of small jeans and they were paint spattered – she was an artist.  I used practically every scrap.  I cut, pieced and sewed all the denim tops together last summer but had them quilted last month by a very talented local quilter.  Thanks Kay, for your care, imagination and skill – you made some pretty special quilts extra special.

cled denim stone wall quilt

Three were backed with some of my Mum’s stash of Laura Ashley fabric and one with a lovely blue and cream ticking fabric – again from my Mum’s stash.  I have spent the last week hand sewing the backing on to the front to make the binding.  I never imagined they would look this good.   Between us we did a fantastic job.  I love every inch of them.  I still have yards of Laura Ashley fabric and my Mum’s fleece tops so I might get another flash of inspiration.

upcycled denim stars and stripes US flag quilt


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