More Birthday Fun…another day at the seaside


sea rocks sunset eyemouth scotland

My Birthday is in the Summer and I always go to the beach – despite typical British summers the weather is usually kind to me.  My kids are all born in the winter so, in theory, beach birthday trips are out.  However, my colleague and I had such a lovely photo-gathering trip in Eyemouth a few weeks ago, he suggested I take the wee man and his two chosen pals there for his Birthday outing.  He reasoned – there’s an indoor pool, amusements, fish and chips and if, the weather is kind, ice cream and sand/rocks.  Brilliant idea – didn’t take much selling.

pebble sculpture rock man

Our trip was originally planned for last weekend but was postponed due to illness so today was the big day – the weather was ridiculously kind.  I managed without a coat although I had layers and a big scarf and had taken hats/gloves extra layers in case!

spring sunshine eyemouth

What a wonderful day…..we bought 2 new buckets (the one that lives in our car had a hole), we gathered shells and beach glass, we clambered on rocks, we had fish and chips, we played in the park, we scootered along the beach path, we went swimming in the warm indoor pool which overlooks the sea, we had award winning ice cream, we played on the 2p machines, and we built a beautiful sandcastle decorated with our shells as the sun was setting.  We’ll sleep tonight.  Thank you Scotland for being the best small, and very occasionally sunny, country in the world.  Or, as my friend Lizzie, says, “God made the world in six days and on the seventh day he made Scotland”.

sand castle with shells eyemouth beach


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