Crochet Daisy Chain – Free Pattern


crochet daisy chain on tunisian crochet dishcloth

My Mum’s headstone was installed this week – it is hand carved local salvaged red sandstone see earlier post.  I had the idea of crocheting a daisy chain to wrap around it for Mother’s day which is coming up soon here in the UK.  I searched around the web for a suitable pattern but didn’t like any I found – they were either for big daisies or small white flowers that didn’t look like daisies. So, I made up a pattern, there are probably similar ones out there, but this one I figured out myself.

I am going to make 43 daisies, one for each Mother’s Day my twin and I had the pleasure of sharing with our lovely Mum.  They are a wee bit fiddly but so very cute and versatile. My first daisy (above) is sitting on my second ever piece of Tunisian crochet – a cotton dishcloth but more on that later.

crochet daisy chain free pattern

My crochet daisy uses the magic loop method to start so you don’t get a hole in the centre of your flower. If you don’t know how to do this there are many excellent video tutorials on You tube.  For my daisies I am using…..

  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Double knit yarn (light worsted USA and 8-ply AUS) in green, white and yellow.
  1. Crochet a chain in green yarn as long as you like.
  2. In yellow, work 12 dc (sc USA) into the magic loop and join with a slip stitch.
  3. Tighten the magic loop until the hole has disappeared.
  4. Change to white, join yarn with a slip stitch.
  5. Chain 4, slip stitch in the next dc (sc USA) of the previous yellow round.
  6. Continue around until you have worked 12 petals,join with a ss.
  7. Weave in your loose ends.
  8. I used the tail from my magic loop to sew each daisy to my pre-made chain.
  9. Keep going until you get bored – sit on the grass and pretend you are 6 again!

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