Upcycled Denim Phone Charger Bag


I’ve been busy making ECOZEE products to sell.  This is my latest design – I was trying to make something so cute and useful and desirable that no-one can resist.  It’s a Charger Cozy.  It’s a little drawstring bag for you to keep your phone charger/cables (or similar) neat and tidy.  When you are actually charging your phone you can hang the bag on the plug and put your phone inside – organized and aesthetically pleasing.    They measure approx 5.5 inches square when flat, and they will have a little spring toggle on the cord.upcycled denim phone charger bag pouch

It’s made from upcycled denim jeans, upcycled cotton shirts and upcycled pure wool sweaters.  I have made eight bags as my first batch but can make more if demand outstrips supply! They are £10 each. I am yet to sew on all the designs, so let me know if you’d like a custom one.  So far, my designs include heart, Apple logo, peace sign, flower, moustache.  After my stint in a local gallery in February, I will list any unsold in my ETSY shop (currently empty) but if you’d like one meanwhile – as a cute, clever, original and eco-friendly gift for your Valentine, leave a comment on this blog, send me a facebook message or use the contact me form on my website.

hand made phone charger case


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