1970s Crochet Vest – Free Pattern


easy crochet tanktop free pattern

I designed and made this tank top for knit-a-square (K-A-S) to match the hat in my previous post.  It is inspired by one my Mum crocheted for my brother in the early 70s – I only have a black and white photo of him in his tank top but I’m sure his was bright too! My Mum enjoyed knitting and crocheting for knit-a-square so this pattern is in memory of her – from my family to yours.  Here’s my wee boy modelling for me, before we send the hat and tank top of to S. Africa to keep an Aids orphan warm.vintage retro 70s crochet tank top free pattern

This tank top/vest/slip-over is based on granny squares with the sides and straps added on – it’s very easy with no shaping at all.  I have used UK crochet terms.  If you are in the US then Uk treble = USA double and UK double = USA single.

  • 4.5mm crochet hook

  • Approx 150g UK double-knit weight yarn (USA light worsted, AUS 8-ply)

  • This fits my 7/8 year old and is stretchy and accommodating as requested by K-A-S who are collecting and distributing garments for 3-9 year old Aids orphans in S. Africa.

  • Leave at least 5 inch tails for weaving in later.

  • I spent about a week of very happy evenings crocheting this and then a few more evenings weaving in ends (labour of love)!

granny square crochet vest

The front and back are the same. The band around the bottom was added after the back and front were joined. I used dark yarn (green, black and navy) for the final double-crochet round of each granny square and to edge the whole piece – for contrast.  It’s up to you to make it bright and colourful – have fun!

  • Large Granny Square (make 2). Ch 4 and work nine rounds of a traditional granny square (ch 1 between the clusters and chain 2 at the corners). Work a tenth round of treble crochet (double USA) in each stitch and an 11th round of double crochet (single USA) in each stitch.

  • Small Granny Square (make 6). Ch 4 and work three rounds of a traditional granny square (ch 1 between the clusters and chain 2 at the corners). Work a fourth round of double crochet (single USA) in each stitch.

  • Sides – work 5 rows of treble crochet into the bottom 32 stitches on each side of the now joined granny squares (front L&R and back L&R). Crochet or sew the sides together.

  • Straps – on the top corners of each large granny square, work a row of 9 treble crochet and work a further 7 rows of treble crochet (8 total). Repeat for all four corners. with double crochet or sew front/back straps together.

  • Bottom Band – work at least 7 rounds of double crochet, for the last row, turn work and work in the opposite direction, this will make the edge less likely to curl.

  • Finishing – work an extra row or two of double crochet around the neck and armholes.

  • Weave in Ends

retro style granny square crochet tanktop vest


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