Merry Christmas Eve from Rainy Scotland – What Happened to the Snow?


Just a quicki ‘cos I’m up to my arms in flour – baking and making – only the trifle left to go – Madeira cake, tinned strawberries and blackberries, port (got no sherry so improvising), home made egg custard and double cream and ameretti biscuits on top  – My Mum’s recipe and it’ll all go in her lovely trifle bowl.   Up very late last night wrapping gifts between midnight and 3 am!  It’s been raining here for five days but at least we’re not under water like many fellow Brits.  The last thing on my long list is “relax and enjoy” and I’m looking forward to that bit.

Here’s my wreath, it’s made from Coke and Diet Coke cans and Christmas tree trimmings wired to a circle of foam cut from roof insulation – total cost zero.  I use the same foam ring every year and the insulation was left over from our building work.  The decorations are just hooked on with traditional Christmas tree hooks – some did blow away yesterday and had to be replaced but it was a tad breezy.  Have a wonderful time this Christmas and “see” you all in the New Year.

recycled soda can wreath


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  1. Love the wreath!!

    My trifle is also made – also to my ma’s recipe and no we had no sherry either so used some liqueur type thing – haven’t a clue what it is. And yes – it is in her trifle bowl, too.

    So, m’dear they will be with us in spirit. Have a lovely Christmas.

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