Shopping Fresh and Local for our Christmas Tree


pick your own christmas tree

A few miles from our house is a small but wonderful community woodland – near Gordon.  The volunteers grow and sell a few Christmas trees among the natural species.  The money goes towards the management of the woodland for free community use.  Today was the last day to go and pick/chop down your own tree.  We’re going to put our tree up on Friday 21st so it’s waiting outside for now.  There was no snow for our tree harvest this year and it was above zero but the ground was crunchy underfoot so perfect.  Here’s a few snaps of our trip.  Unfortunately, the big kids couldn’t be persuaded to come so just the Big Man, the Wee Man and the camera woman.  I got some extra branches for wreath making so photos of those to follow when I make them.

gordon community woodland

Here’s the wreath I made last year…..Christmas tree scraps and tangerines with wire through….Brussels sprouts the year before but no pics sorry.

tangerine real fruit DIY wreath


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