More Upcycled Birthday Gifts


monster cushion softee pillow plushieIt’s daughter number 1’s 16th Birthday next week and I wanted to make her a little something.  She recently gave me her very very much loved dressing gown that she had long outgrown.  It was a Christmas gift several years ago from my Mum – her granny.  It was beyond passing on to anyone (almost threadbare) and I wasn’t keen to throw it out so I thought I’d make her a cushion creature with it for her bed.  She has a double bed – so lots of room for creatures.

My great aunty made me a similar cushion in the late 60s when I was small out of my Mum’s orange cloth-kits waistcoat and I loved that cushion  – mine was called Mooney – he didn’t have arms and legs but he had a big face with fried egg felt eyes and a fringe all around.   Anyway, this new creature lets call him – son of Mooney – has legs made from her long outgrown old black flannel pyjamas too – she never would wear anything pink or girly so I used to have to buy her boy’s pyjamas.  Son of Mooney is a bit rough and ready but I think she’ll love him.  I sacrificed a cushion from the sofa – needs must!


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