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Continuing the Totoro theme, here’s the super cute Totoro I made for my daughter’s 14th Birthday last week.  I made it from one of her old socks.  The sock has languished in the bottom of my odd sock basket for half her life (since she was seven).  She lost the other sock so this one was not worn out – I couldn’t bear to throw it out as she loved those socks.  They were knee high socks so there was plenty to make a cute creature with.  This was my first attempt at a sock creature although my kids have made them before.  His tummy and eyes are made from felt and his features are embroidered.  I used blanket stitch around his white tummy as it’s my favourite stitch and my ECOZEE trademark.  She was thrilled with him and I was pretty chuffed too. I have since made a sock penguin for the wee man for his Christmas as he loved her Totoro and is a big penguin fan.  Penguin pics to follow…..


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    • he’s a japanese animated character from a film called “My neighbour totoro” it is a really wonderful film for all ages – it’s one of our favourites – Jacob was given it when he was little and we have all watched it loads. He is quite a cult figure. see if you can get it used it really is great.

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