Totoro Birthday Cake


home made totoro sponge cake without fondant icing

It was daughter #2’s 14th Birthday Party today – we had a very traditional children’s party in a local Scout Hall.  We had jelly (car and rabbit) ice cream (Neapolitan), cake (home made sponge), little sandwiches, crisps, chocolate fingers, party rings, grapes and veggies cut into strips.  I wanted to make cheese cubes and pineapple chunks on cocktail sticks and stick them into a foil-wrapped potato to be truly authentic but daughter #2 wasn’t keen (not old enough).

We played traditional party games – pass the parcel with forfeits etc. – we had winners and losers and, in true traditional British style, no party bags.  We put all the wrapped prizes in a  lucky dip basket filled with shredded paper.  The party was very successful; but, with 20 teenagers and me, I didn’t have any other Mums around to help me set up/clean up like you do when kids are small.  I had to cajole the young’ens into helping me at the end without sounding like the wicked witch of the North.

Anyway, a Totoro cake was requested as daughter#2 is a big fan – she wore her Totoro “onesie” and practically all the other party goers wore onesies too!  I challenge myself every Birthday to make great  looking cakes with only very basic and traditional ingredients – icing sugar and chocolate – we don’t like fondant icing in our house.  The cake turned out well and really was very easy.

home made totoro birthday cake candles

The cake itself is a classic Victoria sponge (for  recipe see Tractor Cake post).  It was baked in a rectangular tin.  When it was cool, I made a paper template and cut around with a bread knife.  I made the ears with bits cut off from the side of his head so as not to waste any cake.  I made very thick glace icing (icing sugar and water) and iced his white tummy first.  To get it smooth, I dipped the palette knife in hot water.  When his tummy was set, we made grey icing and iced the rest of him – you could make him blue/white if you didn’t have black food colouring.

We chose not to do the sides as it’s nearly impossible to do a good glace icing job with cake that’s been cut – you just get a lot of crumbs in the icing.  The eyes are two white chocolate buttons and the other features are melted chocolate piped on through a hand-made greaseproof paper piping bag.  Nothing special was purchased for this cake – it’s basically the same as every other sponge cake I make but cut up and coloured differently.  We did our usual party trick of covering a chopping board in foil for the base – we used assorted candles from our collection.  This is just the start of her Birthday celebrations, another cake will be made on the day (Wed) – and because she’s at ballet on Wednesdays, the Birthday tea (takeaway Chinese has been requested) will be on Thursday – phew.

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  1. at least a week for a birthday! this thursday is thanksgiving too, but we don’t celebrate that anymore not since she came along ‘cos it would take away from her festivities!

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