Eco Upcycled Lunchbox Satchel


recycled eco-friendly cardboard cereal lunch boxFirstly, I apologies for the poor – not up to my usual standard – photograph; but, now that the clocks have changed, Scotland is in permanent gloom ’till Spring; so, this was snapped under artificial light on my iphone at one in the morning.

I made this cute – even if  I say so myself – lunch box satchel out of a cardboard cereal box.  I took it apart, turned it inside out, glued it back together and made a few modifications.  I used hot glue but I would have preferred to have used a contact adhesive like evo stick but I have mislaid mine.  I made it to inspire my fashion students as we are working with paper this week.

There is no sewing involved just cutting, gluing and pen-applied fake stitches.   The strap is made from a tartan boot lace and the fake buckles have self-adhesive velcro behind them. The little name label says “lunch.”

On it’s first outing today, It toted a ham and chutney sandwich, an apple, and a clementine – carefully stored inside the original, now empty, cereal bag. I stashed an emergency chocolate biscuit in the pocket – lucky ‘cos i had a mid-afternoon emergency and needed it.   I will see how long it holds up – today we had permanent drizzle but It was fine.  I will try and get some better photos when I find myself in daylight again.


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