Wall Wednesday – Week Eight


interior of the transparent factory dresden

For new readers, every Wednesday I post a photo or photos of an interesting wall or walls I have come across, it/they may be local (Scottish Borders) or in a far flung location.  The photos may be may be recent or from my back catalogue – it’s my way of sharing my pics in an organised way.  I’m not going to tell you what/where today’s “walls” are until the end – they are all views of the interior and exterior of the same building – where/what do you think the building might be?

the factory made of glass dresden

entrance lobby of the vw factory dresden germany

toilet door vw factory dresden germany

interior of the vw factory dresden germany

exterior of the glass factory dresden germany

beautiful factory in the park, dresden

OK, did any of you guess it is a car factory? It’s the VW Phaeton plant in Dresden, Germany – it’s made of glass and translates as “the transparent factory”.  We visited there in 2009 while on a week’s holiday in Dresden, it was truly fascinating (free tour but pre-booking essential)  The factory is in the middle of a big park in the middle of the City – the parts arrive by tram and the cars are assembled on a moving wooden floor.  I know it looks like an art gallery or a concert hall – and in fact they use it for that too.  There were loads of amazing buildings in Dresden – it wasn’t all bombed to bits – so I’ll share more soon!


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