Jakki-O-Lanterns – Halloween @#2


black painted pumpkin with lino cut tree

My pumpkin – Painted Black and “carved” with a lino cutting tool.

I am posting my Halloween entry early ‘cos on Wednesday I will be in Dundee for the day visiting Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art with my daughter – a hopeful prospective student! Also, it’ll be Wall Wednesday and two posts in one day might be pushing it!  Anyway, here’s three of our family’s display completed so far – Daddy Bears’, Mummy Bears’ and Baby Bears’ Pumpkins.

Daddy Bear carved Baby Bear’s pumpkin for him but kept to the wee Laddy’s drawing brilliantly – reminds me when i used to draw pictures of stripey sweaters and my doting granny would knit them for me!  The big kids are carving theirs tonight – last year, “prospective art student” made a puking pumpkin, this year the word “massacre” has been mentioned and several pumpkins have been requested – so we’ll see what transpires.

many eyed monster non traditional jack-o-lantern

pumpkin design drawing plans

jack-o-lantern pumpkin "carved" with a makita drill

Daddy Bear used a Swiss Army knife and a Makita drill for his – manly tools!


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