New Job!!


I have been re-hired as a tutor for Impact Arts on a 4-month contract.  I have worked for them as a tutor before and loved it but the work is a bit hit and miss with funding issues!  Impact Arts is a fantastic social enterprise – based in Glasgow but working throughout Southern Scotland – which “uses art to change lives”.  They/we work with young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEETS) to give them skills and confidence and a chance to achieve in a safe and inspiring environment.  Last time I worked as a furniture tutor and we made some great upcycled furnitue – here’s some of it…

upcycled painted garden bench made from old pallets

bertie basset upcycled painted dresser chest of drawers

pallet garden furniture and upcycled painted mod side table

minecraft tables - custom upcycled painted furniture

This time I fancied tutoring on their “eco-chic” fashion “creative pathway” – multi-talented as I am!  The work is full-time so I’ll be very busy and less able to do my own stuff; but, you know me – I love to share my skills and ideas – I love to inspire and facilitate “making stuff” and I love young people – I’ll keep you all posted.  Meanwhile here’s a great link about the creative pathways program  – if you look carefully around the three minute mark you can see some of our tables in the back of the shot/shop.

Driftwood Mirror


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