Chunky Mustard Yellow Cable Socks are so “in”


I went to Kelso on Friday and was a bit sad ‘cos I used to take my Mum to Lidl there – so she could stock up on tins of evaporated milk for her porridge! – and I’m not sure I’ve been there since she died.  However, it was a lovely day weather-wise and the drive from here to there is wonderful – there are of course more spectacular drives in Scotland but that drive just seems extra lovely because of the shear indulgence of having an open road and beautiful vistas on what is essentially just a trip to the supermarket – every time I go I have to pinch myself.

ten balls of vintage mustard yellow aran wool yarn

While I was there, I popped into the charity shops and scored big time – A bag of 10 balls of vintage yarn for £3.99!  The colour was seriously dodgy but I think mustard yellow is actually “in” at the moment!  So, ten balls of “Made in England” Aran yarn – 60% wool, 40% nylon – perfect for seriously chunky and warm, hard wearing socks.  So, without further ado, just over one ball has already been transformed into a chunky Aran sock and I have cast-on for the second one.  The two photos show the colour very differently, in reality it’s somewhere between the two – definitely Coleman’s Mustard.

I am warming to the colour – even though my kids think it is the worst colour and style of sock they have ever seen.  I informed them that cable-knits are in fashion at the moment too so my hideous socks are the height of fashion just now.  They seemed to think that just ‘cos something’s in fashion doesn’t mean it’s nice – they may have a point!  However, my mustard cable socks are warm and hand made with love and that is all that actually matters – plus I may get to keep them if they hate them!

I made the pattern up myself and have actually made notes for sharing/selling? when I get it all written up.  I am testing the pattern as I knit the second sock, so watch this space.  I’ll share a little secret though – I wanted the cast on to be very stretchy so I used a provisional cast on and left about 8 feet of yarn.  When the sock was finished I picked up the live cast on stitches and cast off using Jeny’s Super Stretchy Bind Off.  It worked really well and basically functions as a super-stretchy cast-on!

one cable sock and second sock cast on


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