Wall Wednesday – Week Two – My Studio/Gallery Space


Today’s wall is in my house!  On Saturday I collected the painting I bought a couple of weeks ago and here it is on the wall inside my front door.  This is technically my work area but obviously I had to do some serious tidying/moving stuff to get it looking like this so we can fully appreciate the painting.  It normally looks like anyone else’s hall – strewn shoes, coats, bags etc. but with added sewing machines, sewing paraphernalia, fabric, yarn and associated fluff! The printing press normally lives on the floor but I put it on the table to add to the overall arty ambiance.  The tidiness won’t last long – I’ve just promised to make some products for a new gallery opening in a couple of weeks Space Artworks in Edinburgh so I’ll have to get back to cutting and merry mess making asap.ecozee mini studio with hugh roberts painting of rubers law


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  1. I so admired that painting and have serious art envy. However, I hope I can visit and look at it sometime. It has gone to a good home – Enjoy it.

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