Another Beautiful Day in the Scottish Borders


This weekend was open studios for artists and artisans here in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland – Crossing Borders.   I went to visit some fellow artists and had a fabulous day.  First here are some snaps I took on my travels – the Hills in the far distance are the Cheviots.

road to chesters, scottish borders with cheviot hills in background

My artist friend Hugh Roberts lives in the middle of this little piece of heaven and paints the big skies and wide spaces in bright acrylics.

I love his work, so today I went mad and bought a painting!  I forgot to take a photo of my painting though so you’ll have to wait until I pick it up.

view from the road to chesters, scottish borders.

I also bought an unusual but gorgeous bag from the talented Julia Cunningham and an unique ceramic button

from Clare Norris whose beautiful work was new to me but right up my alley.

Now I need to make something lovely to sew my button on.

road between chesters and the A68, scottish borders

Plus, if it wasn’t a good enough day already, there was a local car boot sale (swap meet) en-route and

I was lucky enough to buy two wool sweaters for upcycling and four balls of hand spun wool –

watch this space to see what they turn into.

view from road to chesters


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  1. I’m very jealous of you owning a ‘Hugh’ painting. His new stuff is really amazing. I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come.

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