Sage Tea to the Rescue


upcycled red sweater felt tea cozy with heart on sage backgroundI can feel a sore throat coming on and am feeling a wee bit achy – to stop whatever thinks it’s gonna get me dead in it’s tracks I’ve made a mug of my favourite remedy.  It’s midnight now but when I wake up I reckon I will be cured.  It’s so easy and works so I thought I’d share.

It’s basically lemon and sage tea.  Sage is a natural antiseptic and really does cure sore throats.  I have been drinking this all my life – I am a sore throat sufferer.  Make it when you feel the first tingle of a sore throat and follow up with subsequent cups if necessary.

Recipe (for one mug)

  • half a lemon cut into thin slices
  • boiling water
  • about 5-8 ripped up fresh sage leaves (depends on size)
  • a teaspoon or two of honey to sweeten.

Sage has a quite bitter taste so the lemon and honey are used to make it taste nice!  I like the taste anyway but then I associate it with being little and my Mum making me my special brew.  You can add other herbs like thyme also but it’s the sage that is the “active” ingredient.  If you have a headache too then the herb feverfew is brilliant.

Since it’s dark outside I can’t snap a photo of my sage plant so here’s one I took earlier – it’s the very first upcycled Scottish lambswool sweater tea cosy I made three years ago now, but it has my lovely sage plant in the background.


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