London Rocks – Part 1


As promised here’s some more pics from our whirlwind visit to London during the Olympics.  The main purpose of the trip was so that the Girl with Blue Hair could go to a Tom Milsom “gig.”  We had two days but boy did we pack it in.  We arrived about 8 in the morning after an overnight coach ride from Edinburgh – it was cheap (£33 return) and at my age it is fun to do “student” things again!  The sun was shining and the streets pretty empty at that hour. We took a short bus ride to Piccadilly Circus and then walked up Regents Street to my pals flat in Soho to “check in” before he went to work.  Yup, pretty darned central location.

Here’s a few snaps taken on our first morning.  We popped into Liberty of London to squeeze some yarn and oggle at fabrics – well I did – but our primary destination for the morning was the 2012 BP Portrait Awards show at the National Portrait Gallery – which was fantastic and free.  Girl with Blue Hair is a big fan and we have the catalogues from previous years’ shows but have not seen it in person.  We just couldn’t believe our luck that the show was on while we were there and that we could walk there from the flat – well you could walk anywhere from that flat – and see the whole of London – did I mention my pal lives on the 15th floor? – his street and flat is on the cover of Oasis’s “What’s the Story Morning Glory” album.

The Gallery is in Trafalgar Square so we larked about on the lions for a bit.  We then walked across the Thames to the South Bank Centre for lunch and more art and culture (photos in forthcoming blog post).  Everything was so clean and shiny and everyone was soooo happy – especially us.

Click on any pic to view in full-size glorious technicolor!


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