Celebrating with a Cup of Tea!


And the winner is…..me!

My photo “Boris Bikes” was voted best photo in the village show so I got the trophy.  My other snaps got nothing but I still love ‘em.  I have a shiny but hideous gold-effect trophy and a nice certificate – with my name written incorrectly!  They insist on putting “Mrs” on the certificates – well,  just ‘cos I’ve got a man and kids doesn’t necessarily mean I’m married! I kept my name so I’m not Mrs anybody and certainly not Mrs my surname.  Anyway, I’ll be sure and tell them for next year – I like stirring things up a bit.  Rant over – I’m happy really.

boris johnson free rental bikes london photo

I didn’t finish my Union Jack cushion yesterday, got sidetracked crocheting, and even though I wasn’t going to enter anything else, I relented at the last minute because really there aren’t that many people who do enter the “industrial” section of our show and I didn’t want it looking bare. So, for the “Something new from something old” category I entered the trivet I made from my Mum’s jeans.  I have cut up my Mum’s jeans to make a memory quilt for each of my four kids and made the trivet from the seams – more on the quilts later.

recycled denim jeans memory trivet mat
denim jeans rag rug trivet
The trivet is not my original idea, there are others floating about in cyberspace, but I have only seen plain blue denim ones – mine is especially pretty and of course it’s a memory trivet! I had enough seams to make two trivets (nine pairs of jeans – a lot of cutting, patience and delicate application of copydex glue). I thought it might be a bit avant garde for the old guard but I got first prize – my Mum would be proud.memory quilt denim jeans and fleeces

I also made a similar trivet out of my kids’ lovely funky-coloured outgrown jeans. The turquoise pair we had tie-dyed green and purple are especially fun.  I have kept the rest of their jeans for a further – as yet to be determined project. My friend took this really cool photo of the kids’ trivet with her new ipad – note to self – get kaleidoscope app for iphone.

What was also pleasing was that one of my “students” from my craft night entered her soda can flowers and punched tin decorations that she had made at one of my “mystery craft nights” in the same category and she won third prize (she’s 10).

recycled denim jeans trivet mat


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  1. Ah, thank you kindly. Good to know I’ve set you onto Kaleidoscope mania with your new I-app!
    Also been meaning to tell you that the cool handknit washcloth that you knitted with yarn that had travelled half way round the world will be travelling on in its new form – to India!

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