Ron’s Knitted Sweater from Harry Potter Films


ron weasley's actual sweater jumper from Harry Potter films.On our visit to London last week, we went to the London Film Museum – I never knew it was there either – it’s in the old County Hall Building next to the London Eye.  It’s like museums used to be before they got all glitzy – dark and dusty.  It really was wonderful, like wandering about in a giant attic, and was full of discarded props from famous movies.  We loved it and there was about 6 people in the whole place.  There was quite a lot of Harry Potter props and, of course, my favourite was Ron Weasley’s hand knitted sweater.  I reckon eagle-eyed knitters could make a pattern from this picture and knit a similar one.  It looked like it was made from double knit weight yarn.

My daughter was most impressed by the Tri-Wizards cup also from Harry Potter and Charlie Chaplin’s Hat and Cane.  I liked the Original Dr Who Tardis and Daleks which really looked like they were “home made” and Mr Bean’s Suit.  I highly recommend a visit.


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