London Olympics Yarn Bomb Finale


I’m back from my last minute brief visit to London.  The yarn bombing went well after a shaky start.  On Day one I accidentally left my medals in the flat so we just scoped out possible targets – this was a bit demoralising as the statues were all very high and prominent and my daughter was not a willing accomplice – I offered to give her a leg up but she wasn’t keen –  fair enough – her electric blue mohawk does make her stand out rather; and, as you can imagine, security around Olympic London Town was tight.

On Day two we got up early to get last minute tickets to see the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time – absolutely brilliant play by the way – read the book if you haven’t already.  I’ll do more posts on how cool London was; but for now, back to the yarn bombing.

So, we were at the South Bank Centre and I got a bit giddy with excitement when we happened upon an exhibition of unbelievably cool crafts from South Africa – including the crochet antelope made from plastic bags that my pals and I had been drooling over on the internet.  crochet antelope made from plastic bag yarn in south africaOf course I wanted to hang my medal on the antelope but it wasn’t possible to do surreptitiously.  Anyway, I kinda offered up my medal next to some exhibits and took some snaps but then later when I looked for my medal I had lost it – I guess I lost it in that exhibit and hope someone who will love it found it. But, luckily I had my spare one.

We decided the footbridge over the Thames from the South Bank Centre to Charring Cross/Embankment Stations would be a good yarn bomb location as we could lean nonchalantly against the railings while sewing the medal “ribbon” on.  So, mission accomplished we headed on the tube to Camden for some shopping – “The Girl with Blue Hair” likes alternative clothing.crochet olympic gold medal london yarn bombing

We returned later to the Bridge en-route back to the National Theatre and I was hoping my medal would still be there.  As we were walking up the steps to the bridge along with loads of other people I heard one of the Olympic workers/volunteers shouting – anyone need a map – now I didn’t need a map, I had an old one and I have a brilliant sense of direction, but something in my brain said – map yes, so as I walked passed him I took the map he was offering without looking at him – it was busy and crowded.  A few steps later, my daughter said “he was wearing your medal” I spun around and sure enough he was.  The Girl with Blue Hair had seen he was wearing the medal as we walked up the steps and thought I had too but I didn’t.  Now, we had passed hundreds of these Olympic map guys in the few days we were there and I can’t believe I just happened to chose him – fate I tell you.

Anyway, I told him I had made it and yarn bombed it – he was very excited to be part of  the “movement” and asked if I wanted my medal back. I let him keep it and took this fab, even if I say so myself, photo.  So here’s Ryan Hanna – he’s a student Doctor – with my/his cool Olympic medal and, as you can see, he was chuffed to bits.  I am so glad fate drew me to him as I would have been disappointed to find my my medal was removed from the Bridge.  I hope I haven’t caught the yarn bombing bug, I waste enough time already.

ryan hanna london 2012 olympic gold medal crochet


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