Aubergine Hat


aubergine eggplant knitted toddler hat with leavesFollowing on from the aubergine booties I made for my pal Lily – the knitted hat she wanted too is now complete.  I’m really chuffed with it, I designed the pattern and may even write it up!  I made it with a lovely 50% cotton/50% acrylic yarn called Kool Kotton by James C. Brett, it’s DK and machine washable – I think it may be discontinued officially but I was able to get some (the replacement yarn is called Cotton On).   I thought the mix of cotton and acrylic would be soft and practical and, as it turned out it was nice to knit with.   It took me a day of non-stop knitting but hey, I was watching Murray become Olympic tennis champion and wall to wall BBC Olympic coverage so I was happy.  Hubby even obliged with refreshments throughout the day – sandwiches and cups of tea for which I am always very grateful.  I wanted to get it finished before my trip to London.


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