Hand Knit Mod Skinny Tie


hand knitted mod tie and union jack dr marten bootsI had a request from my friend’s 15 year old son, to knit him a tie.  Since he is an appreciative laddie with impeccable taste I was happy to oblige.  I’m not sure how to describe his style since labels never quite fit, but he’s certainly mod-inspired and he wanted a black square ended knitted tie.  It’s all finished and ready to give to him when our families unite in a couple of weeks for a holiday in Brighton – where else – (we live in Scotland and they live in Ireland).

I’ll try and get a few snaps of him sporting his tie on location as it were.  I did have to visit the optician to get my first pair of reading classes – I’m at that age – to make sure my old eyes were up to the task – black is not an easy colour to knit especially when you live near the North pole and light is scarce even in summer!

If you’d like to knit a similar one, here’s what should pass as a pattern:

  1. My tie is approx 57″ long, 1  3/4 wide at the widest part and 1  1/4 at the narrowest.
  2. 35g 4-ply yarn (I used pure wool yarn as it is springy and can be eased back into shape if it gets stretched).
  3. 2  3/4mm needles (old UK 12) – I used two sock double pins as they were nice and short – I have tight tension you might need to use smaller needles.
  4. Cast on 15 stitches
  5. Slipping the first stitch of each row (to give you a neat edge) knit every row (garter stitch) until the tie measures approx 20″
  6. Decrease one stitch at beginning of next row by slipping the first stitch, knitting the second and then passing the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch (Sl, K1 psso). knit to the end of the row until you have two stitches left, then slip both these stitches on to the right hand needle and then knit them using the left hand needle (this is known as SSK).
  7. You should now have 13 sts.
  8. Continue in garter stitch for another 20″
  9. Repeat decreases as above and continue garter stitch on these 11 stitches for another 17″.
  10. Cast off.hand knitted mod tie gift wrapped with RAF mod buttons

My “client” requested his tie be 60″ (5 feet) long but since a knitted tie is very stretchy I knitted it 3″ shorter as it will stretch when tied and also from use. He also requested a label on the back to tuck the thin end into. designer "Pringle" label hand sewn into hand knitted tie I used an old label from a Pringle sweater left over from my upcycling endeavours.  I made a custom “mod”  label with upcycled buttons and hand printed R.  Happy Belated Birthday R.

I soaked the tie in warm water to relax the stitches and then rolled it up and squeezed gently, I then laid it out on a towel and patted it dry.  I laid it on the floor overnight to dry after I had gently eased it back to the intended length of 57″.  This is called “blocking” and can be repeated later if the tie gets too stretched with use.  Blocking only works with animal fibres.


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  1. My boyfriend requested a tie like this and your pattern is perfect for what I need! But how, might I ask, did you attach the sweater label to the tie?

  2. Hi, I just sewed the label in with tiny stitches, I only sewed it at each end so you can tuck the skinny end of the tie in. I thought that an old-fashioned woven school name tape would be a good idea too as a “tuck in label” but only had my own kids names. Hope this helps.

    • Yes, thank you. I’ve tried attaching labels to my knitting before but I think perhaps the yarn was too thick or whatnot. Hopefully it will work better with the finer wool. Thank you for your reply!

  3. Hi, I would like to ask on step 8, do I need to slip on the first stitch of each row as before on step 5. thanks in advance 🙂

    • hi, sorry to be tardy in my reply, i’ve been on my hols, yes, continue to slip the first stitch of each row as before, this is a general knitting tip which can be used to neaten the edge of all work. send me a pic when you’re done, have fun, jakki.

  4. hi there, I am working hard at this tie- am so excited to give it to my boyfriend for christmas! I am wondering about switching from garter stitch to stocking stitch, I don’t know if I’m not doing it right, but it doesn’t look correct. Is this the part of the tie that will go around the neck?

    • Hi Melissa, you get the prize for being the most observant. When I read your question my first thought was “there’s no stocking stich”! so, I re-read the pattern and I did write “stocking stitch” for step 8 whoops, it is all knit in garter stitch!!! Sorry to confuse you, I hope you haven’t knit too much in ss. Many people look at this pattern every day and I have no idea if they actually use it or not but no-one has noticed that mistake before. In the photo, if you look carefully, you can see it’s all garter stitch. Again, my apologies. I have since knit my husband a tie all in moss stitch (seed stitch USA) and that looks great too. I will edit the pattern.

      • Thanks so much! This is very helpful!

        I may have to try Seed stitch as well for a tie, I think that would look great! Do you have a ravelry profile? I would love to see your other patterns or projects!

        Thanks again!

  5. no ravelry as yet, I knit/crochet a lot but am usually in too much of a hurry to write my patterns down also I usually dont make the same thing twice so not much need to write patterns down. Also, I use upcycled/salvaged/vintage yarn so I never really know what weight it is to tell other people. This makes it hard to write patterns for things that need to be a certain size. I am on facebook as ecozee though.

  6. Hi, I’m also trying to recreate this type of tie for my boyfriend for Christmas. I’ve found your blog really helpful, and was hoping to work some coloured stripes in to the pattern. I was just wondering how to add in a new colour when slipping the first stitch of each row.

    I’m new to knitting so haven’t got many tricks up my sleeve!

    • The easiest “trick” would be to use self-striping yarn e.g.some colourful sock yarn – it is the correct weight for this tie (4-ply UK). Another idea if you are using different coloured plain yarn would be to join the new colour one or several stitches in rather than at the edge. A good way to join yarn is to just knit the first stitch of the new colour with both the yarns held together – do not tie knots but leave several inches of each colour tails to weave in later. I’m going on holiday tomorrow so this is just a quick response – you could try googleing invisible ways to join yarn or how to make stripes – I’m sure there are some good tutorials out there. But if you haven’t purchased your yarn – sock yarn is a great way for beginners. Good luck.

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