Girl Guide Inspired Sock Badge – Free Blog Giveaway


It won’t surprise those who know me that I was a girl guide – a Queen’s Guide at that. I was heavily into sewing hard-earned badges on my sleeve – now, badges weren’t easy to get in those days (in the late 70s/early 80s). I still have my uniform (still fits too) – and although this makes me sound like a skinny overachiever – and the type of person you wouldn’t like – it’s not true!

vintage girl guide badges sock knitting badgeAnyway, I digress, I wanted to reward the “graduates” from my sock knitting class – I’m so proud of them and happy that I can pass on new lifelong skills to others, which they in turn can pass on – I’m soppy and sentimental like that. We have a badge machine so I thought a badge would be good. I will credit my husband with the idea to make it like a guide badge. This necessitated a trip down memory lane and me getting out my old guide uniform and my compass set, my felt tips and my coloured pencils – joy, joy, joy. I attach a photo of my hard-earned and very neatly sewed guide badges, for those of you who fancy a nostalgia trip – women of a certain age and disposition – I can remember what most of them are. How many can you remember? The first two I got were craft and artist – no surprise there then.

vintage British girl guide badges uniform 1970s 1980s oxfordSo, I made some sock badges and low and behold, there’s a wee space on my sleeve that’s clearly been waiting to be filled. I didn’t get a knitting badge at Guides as I didn’t learn to knit until I was 15 when my granny died and I inherited her needles and a desire to keep myself in cool stripy sweaters.

If you’d like one of my individually hand drawn sock badges, sock knitting class graduation badge buttonI may go into production and sell them, but meanwhile, comment on my post and if I can get at least 20 comments – so pass this post around – I’ll send a free badge to a random commentator. Even if you don’t knit socks yourself you could win the badge and give it to someone who does.

Finally, here’s to 6th Headington Guides and 48th Oxford Scouts – we shared a hut and a few snogs behind the hut – well more than a few in my case – but always with the same “scout” – well, those WERE the days – they didn’t have a Guide “snogging” badge or I would’ve got that too – see, I wasn’t all goody two-shoes – girls just wanna have fun! – and didn’t we just.


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  1. Ermm, didn’t do no Brownies or Guides and only a little bit of snogging… BUT, I do believe a lovely wee sock badge may be heading my way!
    What is/was a Queen’s Guide???

    • Queen’s Guide is the top honour a guide can get – the ultimate badge if you like – you basically have to complete lots of normal badges of different types. You used to meet the Queen
      but they had stopped that in my day, they may have started it up again though.

  2. I have knitted my own socks. I did them for my masters collection, seamed up the back and proper turned heels.

  3. From a fellow Queen’s Guide who also still has her uniform that fits her and also spent too much time with the Scouts, well two of them at different times. My excuse was I was in the Scout band, so had reason to fraternize, I applaud your badge idea and if its not too late, can I have a sock badge if you’ve any left.

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