Time to Finish the Quilt


Upcycled Tumbling Block Pattern Quilt

Eloping with Greg and getting hitched in Jeans 23 years ago, may not have been the most traditional wedding; but, that doesn’t mean I’m not a traditional kinda gal! . I did get married after all; and, start work on the family heirloom quilt.   In those 23 wonderful years, we’ve managed to make 4 great kids and renovate our way up to a house big enough to fit them all in.  However, the fabulous matrimonial bed quilt, started all that time ago has been in a succession of attics for too many years.

It’s a king-sized, hand-stitched tumbling block pattern quilt made from upcycled clothes and fabric my mum and I had stashed about the place and collected at the time. It’s funny now, at over 20 years old, it’s officially vintage!

It was going to be my New Year’s resolution this year to finish my quilt and I took it out of the attic just before Christmas in readiness. My mum and I had fun looking at all the patches and remembering where each scrap came from.

Unfortunately though, in a very sad twist of fate, my mum died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage just after the New Year.  I am so pleased that we had that time before Christmas reminiscing about the fabrics and the time she helped me with the quilt when she visited Greg and I in California. My mum spent ten years making a Laura Ashley granny’s flower garden quilt for herself which she had on her bed for over twenty years and some of the same fabrics are in my quilt – tears are rolling as I write this.

My quilt is all pieced together and all I need do is hand quilt it! Like a little girl I just wish I could show it off to my mum when I finally finish it. I’ll just have to snuggle under it with my kids and have a good cry as we remember the best Mum and Granny in the world.


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    • What a lovely quilt, I have a similar tale, I started a Granny’s flower garden quilt when I was 24, I’m 46 now and still haven’t finished it, I lost my Mum in September 2011 to cancer and I’m so very sad she will never see the finished article. She so used to enjoy looking at it when I worked on it, and it was my Mum who taught me how to do Granny’s flower garden design. I’m sure that your Mum is looking down at you all and your quilt and is very proud of you.
      Liz. Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

  1. hi, thanks so much for your comment, you got me cryin’ again – for you as well as me! i was working on my quilt today and now have sore fingers, I am not enjoying the quilting, mostly because I’m not very good at it, it was much more fun piecing it together. My Granny did not live to see her daughter’s (my Mum’s) quilt finished either, but, like your Mum, she was around for much of it’s life. I love that our quilts and the shared skills tie us all together. Keep me posted on your progress. Jakki.

    • Hi
      Im sorry I made you cry, I seem to find myself doing that a lot to lately too. I will try to send you a photo of my quilt so far. Im dreading quilting it as its so big and I’ve never quilted anything before, I’m still piecing it but nearly finished.
      I looked at your website and couldn’t believe you live in Earlston, I have a really close friend who lives just up the road between Earlston and Gordon, small world. She works at the Borders General hosptial.
      Will try to send you a photo later.

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