Chocolate Ganach Tractor Cake


ImageMy neighbour asked me if I could make her husband a cake for his 70th birthday (big responsibility).  I  usually only make cakes for my family but she’s a very good neighbour!  I don’t use fondant icing (‘cos I don’t think it tastes nice) so am restricted to butter icing, glace icing or chocolate icing – I like a challenge.   Anyway, the birthday boy is a champion ploughman and is still ploughing at 70 so I felt furrowed chocolate icing would be the order of the day.  It is an 8″ Victoria sandwich cake (200g sugar, butter and SR flour & 4 eggs) with a very special ganache filling and topping (2 large bars of dark chocolate and a tub of double cream).  I thought the ganache was a little bitter, so I blended in half a box of icing sugar – wow.  I used a real vintage matchbox tractor from my mum’s collection – which I gave to the birthday boy.  The hay bails are made from shredded wheat, melted butter and golden syrup.  It took the best part of three packs of chocolate fingers for the fence around the cake.  They were thrilled with the result and we got to eat the left over chocolate fingers, ganache and hay bails – yum.


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