Great Balls of Thread


Recycled cotton embroidery thread

I found these fabulous balls of embroidery thread in Oxfam in Hawick. Oh, the thrill when I spied them, yards and yards of loveliness. Blanket stitch (my favourite) doesn’t half eat up the thread so I’m always in need of more.  If you’re new to ECOZEE then you may not know that it’s my founding principal to try, wherever possible, not to buy new – I am the queen of upcycling – I spend a lot of time in charity shops.   It may seem that I find some beautiful fabrics and notions, but that’s because I spend millions of hours looking!   What I like most about it all is the thought that someone – before me – loved those threads; but, for whatever reason, they arrived in a charity shop in the hope that someone new would love them.  Well, I love ’em to bits; and, they’ll be transformed into new products which will, hopefully, be loved in turn – and all without the manufacture of anything new. Plus, Oxfam will put my money to very good use – win win.


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